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Hello. My name is Margaret. You can call me Marg. My kids call me Goose ( mother goose) and my grand children call me “grandma”. I am a modern day grandmother who loves her 10  grand children and 1 step grandson.  As a teacher who has recently retired,  I long to share the ups and downs of this exciting grand mothering experience. This blog is also about lifestyle, gardening and anything that matters to me. As a resident of beautiful Mapleton on the Blackall Ranges in Queensland, I like have a passion for children’s picture books, art and travelling.


How do I manage this “grandma thing”?  What is romancing with grandma like!  I certainly don’t have all the answers nor do I think that my wisdom hasn’t been shared before. So I may pass on some tips, favourite books and possessions, an insight into country living – anything that ignites inspiration, celebration , frustration and truth.

I am determined, organised, and a worrier. A woman who likes cuddles and the tender connections that children bring. I love romantic poetry and feeling loved. I love the sparkle and shine of children’s literature; creativity, new words from the mouth of babes. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.




Bill and me in Paul de Vence

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Margaret,
    Thanks for your wonderfully informative blog post about Common Dreams 2016. I live in Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK and participate on the Progressive Christian Network website and forum. As we are hoping to join Adrian Alker online to discuss his book, I have posted a link and short extract from your blog, as it will be of great interest to those in the UK. Hope this is OK and that you (and others) can join us online, as we discuss ‘Is Radical Church Possible’.
    Best wishes,
    (Logos Ledbury)
    P.S Here’s our link: http://www.pcnbritain.org.uk/forums/viewthread/312/


  2. Greetings Margaret! We met outside the Louvre. We were just looking at the fun picture of we three “girls” in front of the pyramid. Thank you for taking that. All the best,
    Tannys, Tori, and Lekszi


      1. We hope you and Bill are having a lovely Christmas! Cold and snowy here — I wished for the snow — and family is here so we’ll have a great time catching up. 🎄🇨🇦


  3. Fantastic blog Margaret! It was great meeting you at the Children’s Book Council of Australia Conference in Canberra. Keep up the wonderful blogging 🙂 x


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