Month: October 2015

Nomophobia and Grandmas!

You are wondering what is this condition? Did you know that it’s the fear of being away from your mobile phone? Our dependence on smartphones is now absolute and we depend on them so often. I am no stranger to texting my children. When I go out with the grand children I have my phone close by. Whether it’s taking photos of them, or sending a text to their mum or checking messages. It’s certainly a distraction. As a society we feel naked without our phones. ( this is NOT romantic!)

I really do like capturing moments of fun – cardboard box playing, chasing the dog, in the sand pit or at the park. I also like to record them singing, dancing and dressing up. My fingers tap in the pin number, the brain switches to photo gallery and presto, I am in the mood for visual celebration. The question remains – can I break my mobile phone habit and simply relax with the kiddies?

Cuteness and exhaustion

Visiting my daughter and son-in-law when Matilda is 3 weeks old provided me with new and challenging insights. Seeing the baby for the first time made me remember how truly tiny they are – she’s strapped securely in the car from the airport as we drive home.

These are some of the encounters and moments I think about now that I am back home after 8 days away. Matilda’s soft, velvet skin, poking tongue, flinging arms, eye gazing, blinking, burping, cross eyes, screaming, sucking, hiccups and funny faces, poos that are golden orange and scented like pumpkin!!, farting, kicking, patting, swaying and more.

In the house there are new flowers, pink dresses, sunshine yellow rugs and white singlets triple 000 sizes, a battery lit candle, soft bunny toys, books and comfy chair. The practical change table that stands proudly in the room with all the wipes and nappies and more stacked up in the cupboard.

For the new parents, there is love, devotion, patience, exhaustion and some tears. An overwhelming sense of ” what do I do now?” and “I’ve tried that..!” decision making, sleep deprivation and the duty of the dog ( he needs some love and attention too) There’s the long car trips which silences her screams. Lots of kisses and cuddles. Until the next visit, I wait for Matilda’s smiles. In the mean time, I am fortunate that others will assist Rachael’s journey into motherhood.


My visit far north was a privilege. I was able to help and lend an ear to a new tired and difficult world where feeding seems endless, tramping through the house and yard a ritual, and listening for signs that she would wake up – all part of their new reality. Now look at Matilda! At almost 5 months she is blossoming and wriggling, smiling and romancing me with her beautiful, sweet ways. Falling in love again!