Month: January 2016

Romancing with Grandma

Who doesn’t like romance? Candlelit dinners, flowers. intimate conversations and kisses. Well that is something even grandmas can enjoy with the little ones. Really!? I have a grandson who likes lighting candles in a pot and singing happy birthday. With Audrey we pick flowers for mummy on our walks to the shops. Intimate conversation, well, how about a young three old Jesse who tells me quite often, “I love you, Grandma” – he melts my heart. Kisses are the best friends that babies need – on the cheeks, neck, feet and blowing raspberries on the tummy. How close is too close?love you grandma

The notion of making someone feel special is important to us all. If the little people do not shower you with this romantic aroma then why not create it in your own life.

Make date times. Make connections. Spoil yourself. Make smiles happen when you give to someone. Compliment a friend and mean it! Buy a new dress and lips

I try to help my tired adult kids who need a break from whining toddlers, crying babies and mundane routines so they have an opportunity to dine out and keep the romance alive. Birthdays are good, anniversaries better; any time for that matter. There’s nothing like swooping into their busy lifestyle and taking over for a day and night. Be armed with patience, tact, snacks, an excellent DVD and a willing spirit.

Kids are pretty good at knowing their routines so when you are muddled, the four year old will find the right cartoon, let you know where something is hidden and oblige you with a crafty card with hearts and kisses for mummy and daddy. And when you feel exhausted and ready to go home, enjoy a glass of wine, uninterrupted film and the serenity that romance may offer. Can you handle that? A Clint Eastwood western and a comfy chair?

clint eastwoodsofa

Valentines Day is fast approaching. Stay tune for more romancing with grandma.




Flying foxes and freedom


Close to my house is a cute park with a great flying fox swing. When the grandkids are visiting this is a wonderful opportunity to see the children have fun. Watch their faces! Utter joy and excitement.  It can be a team effort with lots of pushes, pulls, bouncing, running and repetition. I have also observed two children playing by themselves enjoying the freedom and fun. Independence!

There was a fit mum at the park with her two young boys on their scooters. She told me that she home schooled her sons and liked the freedom and more casual routines that she could give them at home. I was surprised to see her with all the gym equipment, dumb bells and bikes for her fitness regime. The great outdoors in the morning with children is a place of great expectations. Fresh air, exercise, the blend of gratitude and goodness that evolves as you watch them shine. Unexpected giggles, muscle power and ” do we have to leave?”