Month: February 2016

Romancing the Stars


A host of wonderful children’s authors and illustrators met under the stars ( actually inside the Immanuel Lutheran College library in Buderim) for the opportunity to share their stories, books and personal journey as creative people. From the talented Flaxton illustrator Peter Carnavas, My Sister is a Superhero¬†to Shona Innes who is a clinical and forensic Psychologist and her Big Hug books, Maleny’s author Judy Paulson whose baby tawnies are stitched in felt and lovingly illustrated in her picture book, Baby Tawnies to watercolour artist Diane Somers- Cook and her debut book called The Little Lighthouse, the evening rolled on with lots of fun and surprises..

Starting with a funky chicken song by Chris Collins, to a magical black cockatoos making love drawing in front of the live audience, the “stars” made their way to small groups to introduce themselves and talk about their books. They then rotated around the groups so that everyone got to know a variety of artists. There were book prizes, photos and smiles.



Here am I feeling relaxed and ready for a special evening.

Delicious food and wine, book signing and a happy romantic atmosphere made this evening a success. Everyone was friendly and down to earth with a touch of speed dating an author. I went home all smiles with 2 signed picture books and 1 prize! and a bag full of goodies! Best thing now is I can share the books with my grand children and others.


Above is Judy Paulson from Maleny ( tawny owls) and Shona Innes of the Sunshine Coast sharing her Big Hug books.



Cuddly and soft

I never owned many soft toys as a child, in fact, my parents thought that a bicycle and a doll was sufficient. My bride doll and my tricycle were my valued possessions. Today young children own many soft and cuddly toys. From a teddy bear, rabbit, wombat, koala, camel to furry possum, the idea of gathering them together in a room, on a shelf or under the blankets is popular. Even the op shops are full of them – stuffed into bins and overloaded onto shelves. Cheap and tatty, treasured , squished soft toys from $1-$5. Visit a Post office and you will see more cuddlies. KMart, Target and Myer are full of the latest brands.


My own boys and daughter owned teddies – Siggy, Grey, Pooh and Ted. Now Grey has been passed down to Tim’s son and he proudly sits on the bed. Here he is! How cute!

IMG_0313Beside Grey sits a fluffy puppy and a Kiwi.  They look like they are friends!

Every now and then an extra special soft toy arrives as a gift from overseas. This camel came from Afghanistan. How amazing.

Lastly teenagers love cute adorable soft toys like G the giraffe and Jemima the bunny. It brightens their day and mood. As sweet as a honey kiss. As precious as you and me!


Romantic books to share with the little ones..

Snuggle up on the bed with a little one and read the following loving stories. Be certain to have the tissues close by. This is a special time of closeness and connection. The sweet cuddly love story oozes charm, humour and warmth.


I love you Always by Anna Pignataro – it’s sure to melt your heart. Another great read is called Love you Forever by Robert Muncsh. Check out the I Love series by Anna Walker.

Unconditional love is a forever bond. Whether it’s between humans or animals, kids respond to deep feelings of intimacy and love.pic book

“Together we had a perfect day. We held onto each other and as the day draws to a close, I can’t wait for another!” With a title like “Kiss it Better” you can imagine that love helps to soothe the pain when a child falls over or hurts himself.

kiss it better

Finally check out ‘ I Love my Mummy ‘by Giles Andrene! ENJOY!


Valentine’s day at school brings a stem rose for the beloved, friend or girlfriend. It’s a tradition that comes around yearly to offer students the opportunity to think of someone that they like, love or admire. It’s also a great fundraiser to help a boy with cancer – a really worthwhile cause.

To receive a rose brings a flush of embarrassment or acknowledgement. It’s special for the giver and receiver. It’s planned or a total surprise. Some are delighted while others a bit disappointed that they missed out. In any case, romance is in the air even in the classroom. There were boys who sponsored a rose to each girl in their year level house group and a dozen roses for their home room mentor. How amazing! I felt privileged to see the rose ceremony as the Seniors knocked on my door ready to distribute this beautiful gift.

I waited til I drove home to see and smell the fragrant roses in my garden.

To sum up in French, les fleurs sont rouges sang !rosesromance