Month: October 2017

Beautiful Blooms

It’s Spring in Mapleton and even though we have had a lot or rain lately, I am thinking about flowers. Those gorgeous, fragrant bouquets that arrive for birthdays and even funerals. Nothing beats a beautiful bloom of roses, camellias, carnations or iris, with their scents and colour filling a room. I love the romance of flowers, the thought of receiving a fresh arrangement and the healing that it brings.

For a little while I used to bring in gardenias from home or lavender to sit on my desk at school. It was a touch of nature to an otherwise academic and book filled area. Soon the sneezes came from my working partner who kindly asked me if I could stop bringing in flowers as she was suffering. That’s OK. I understood. Sensitive noses and allergies make it tricky when Spring arrives.

Presently I am looking at flower websites to decide on an arrangement for my wedding next year. That’s right. I am getting married to Bill, both of us committed to sharing our lives together. There are wonderful flower guides to browse, florist shops to visit, gardens to admire and websites to explore.

For those of you who are creative ( like me) choosing a style and type of flower adds to the excitement of the preparation. Here on the Sunny Coast there are lots of beautiful modern and vintage themes that offer colours, pastel or bold to ensure that your special day is highly personalised. I am not really into wedding consultations having opted for simplicity, colour and form of my own choosing. I appreciate the artistic side of a flower arrangement and how it can transform a mood, room and occasion.

Here’s a few different sorts of bouquets.

autumn floral bouquet






You can see the beauty of colour in these blooms. The red rose is for passion and love; white camellia means “you’re adorable”, baby’s breath for celebration, iris for faith and hope. Did you know that the common orange nasturtium symbolises victory. The botanical name comes from the Greek word meaning “trophy”, the flower and leaves are shaped like helmets and shields.

I do like the oldest flower – the protea. It makes the most attractive arrangements and can last longer than say sweet peas. My mother grew geraniums and they now grow in my Mapleton garden – true friendship, protection and love. I also adore the blue and pink hydrangea.

I have considered seasonal flowers of Autumn – March is when the wedding date is set. Dusty, peachy and wine colours. Snapdragons, daisies, proteas, carnations, aster, tulips, eucalyptus, pods and succulents.


In the coming weeks, I will explore a bit more and hope that my decision will be perfect for me and my bridesmaid sister Kim. From wreaths to posies, to stems and full bouquets, it seems that I have a lot of choice. Now as I wander the shops, I notice floristry more in the windows as talented people create with their hands something that brings pleasure, joy and beauty. Which flower speaks to you? Do you remember what flowers you had on your wedding day?

It is a truth universally acknowledged – as Jane Austen might say- that flowers are a source of great and simple pleasure. There’s something heart warming about being in the company of flowers.