Month: March 2018

A Bag of Cuttlefish and a wind swept beach, the honeymoon after the wedding

Have you ever walked on a beach where the froth and foam skate on the sand? Have you walked hard against the wind as the surf pounds out its ocean beat? We have. That is, Bill and me.

We are on our honeymoon at the Sunshine Beach in Queensland and rain has hit us, but that’s OK. A five minute walk to the steps of the beach and we take off for a long walk wearing our rain jackets. Up ahead is the Noosa headland.

As I walk reflecting on our wedding, I stop to gather cuttlefish. I think I’ll take home a bag for my brother’s budgies. Cuttlefish are strewn all over the sand dunes.

A few days here and a calm descends after a busy build up to the wedding last weekend.


Is there really no-one seen on this pristine beach?


There’s something liberating about the beauty of the beach – smell of sea, endless horizon and wet sand under your feet. We are surprised at the few people here.

IMG_2710 2

Like all honeymooners, Bill and I look forward to long walks, reading, national park adventures, eating out and reflection. Plus a good dose of sleep, bubbles, pandanus and surprises.


I was thankful for good weather on our wedding day – Saturday March 3 at 3pm in the Chapel at Matthew Flinders Anglican College, Buderim. ( my last teaching school)

A day full of surprises and joy. A ride in a Willey’s Whippet vintage car called Hilda with a handsome driver Ian Abraham.





More surprises with a handsome groom waiting for me. Family and friends cheering on.

The little grand children present and all dressed up, ready to provide hugs and hand shakes.



Guests from London, Townsville, Maryborough, Gerringong, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Girlfriends, old neighbours, new locals, bushwalkers and teachers.

Reverend Lizzie Gaitskell in the Chapel of St Nicholas, Matthew Flinders Anglican College.






A drip sticky date pudding cream cake! Fine speeches and good Australian country Celtic music playing. As guests mingled, memories and stories were told. Children tried on the masks and dress up hats. A poet in our midst with a hearty round of applause. Dancing.


IMG_2571 2
Flashjack swings into action!

But prior to the marriage service, I was able to pamper myself with a new hair style and make up, be helped by a beautiful lady called Diana who took some photos in her garden at Tanawha. This gracious lady made my day stress free.

Sitting on the swing surrounded by a bed of camellias was surely a delight. That swing brought me back to my childhood when days were carefree and simple. The motion of going backwards and forwards, lifting my legs in the air and feeling the wind on my face – wonderful. Here I am, ready to say ” I do.”

IMG_2429 2.

IMG_2407 2


Here are my tips for any newlyweds and their honeymoon.

Keep it simple. Pick one or two amazing places that you would like to visit that allow for relaxation as well. Allow time for reflection. The moments pass by so quickly; you want to savour and give thanks. Travel lightly.