Month: July 2018

A chilled country experience

Have you been to Tenterfield, Warwick, Stanthorpe and Spring Creek? Certainly most Queenslanders do know of these places, except the last one belongs to a dear school friend of mine whose husband had a dream to run a cattle station. Their property is where we stayed for 2 nights. But first, I will begin with Tenterfield.

My husband Bill loves the country experience. I mean real outdoor bushwalking, camping in tents and gazing up into the stars. However, rather than freeze ourselves silly, I decided to stay in a fire lit cosy elegant bed and brekky guesthouse called Winton.

Wow! were we in for a treat and some winter indulgence.


IMG_3690 2

This fireplace kept us very toasty each afternoon from about 3pm. A library of books, delicious home made scones and tea, and Kerrie’s impeccable styling of interior made for a beautiful short stay.


Even real roses in vases on the bedside tables in our room brought a heavenly feeling.

Winton treats its guests lavishly. We were impressed. Kerrie introduced us to her furry companion Mr Darcy and allowed us a peek through the back door into their private abode. Everything I love. A bit classic, electric with vintage wares, gardening finds, wicker furniture, gorgeous art, another fire place, eye catching bric a brac and more.

One of the shops I enjoyed in Tenterfield was the Potting Shed. It was just opening when we were leaving. I walked in to be greeted by a lovely lady who posed for this photo.


Naturally with my project at home going on ( my potting shed) I bought the broom home.

A few words about this shop – rustic, wood, earthy, well designed and welcoming.

brick wall and rust go well together
a contemporary art print


Love the chair! I might copy this idea. Terra cotta pots, climbing ivy, a bath tub of herbs and veggies, pumpkins adorned the shelves.



Far from the chilled country air ( I wore my trusty green knitted scarf and woollen socks), hospitality in the country is warm. We said goodbye and travelled on to Stanthorpe ( a lunch only) then to Spring Creek.

Margot and Chris have lived here for 10 years and are currently selling off one of the 5000 plots of land. Their homestead has been slowly and lovingly worked on by Chris over different stages of renovation and the big wrap around verandah captured my attention with its open spaces. I have known Margot since school days. Life’s circumstances have separated us but it’s an amazing thing to be reunited after many years.

Margot and me

Throw in some Angus cross, 12 kilometres of new fencing, several dams, old shearer’s shed, bull dozer, antique tractor, quad bikes, skulls, jumping roos and perfect crimson sunsets plus a few night time board games and you have a rich and invigorating stay.

Margot is a writer, author, blogger, computer whizz, rural podcast listener, grandma, handyman, quilter, kefir expert, questioner, dedicated grazier, reader and marathon runner.

Chris her husband keeps up with her and wears many hats. While playing Boggle, I discovered also that Margot can win 24 words to my 13.



Chris and his proud strong fence
Bill standing near the rusty tractor



The prickly pear is a pest. Kangaroos are everywhere, especially dead on the roadside.

The drought is hurting everyone.

Where is Spring Creek? ┬áHead towards Texas from Stanthorpe, about 40 ks out of town you will come to a fork in the road. Take the Inglewood fork. About 6 ks along this road you will come to Inverary Road. This is a dirt road. Follow it for another 7ks and you will come to a grid and see the sign “Spring Creek”. It’s another 7ks down to the house.

Bill and I truly loved the chilled country experience in July. We left Margot and Chris with some hearty lamb to cook up and unforgettable memories that I will cherish.